Ahmedabad Art Weekly – The heartbeat of city’s evolving cultural landscape


Each week, Creativeyatra meticulously crafts Ahmedabad Art Weekly, the quintessential guide for culture enthusiasts. Published every Friday, since 8+ years, it showcases a diverse array of events spanning visual arts, dance, theatre, literature, and beyond. Our design process focuses on creating a visually captivating calendar, seamlessly blending event details with the essence of the season. With careful attention to detail and a dedication to artistic expression, Ahmedabad Art Weekly invites readers on a journey through the city’s vibrant cultural landscape.

Each edition of Ahmedabad Art Weekly is disseminated across various platforms, reaching thousands of eager readers. Through social media, WhatsApp, emailers, and on-site publishing, the calendar finds its way into the hands of culture enthusiasts across the city. As a silent witness to Ahmedabad’s evolving cultural landscape, it captures the heartbeat of the community, connecting individuals with the pulse of artistic expression. With each dissemination, Ahmedabad Art Weekly continues to foster a vibrant community of culture connoisseurs, enriching the city’s cultural tapestry week after week.

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