Destination Marketing & Promotion Consultancy for Swadesh Darshan 2.0


In this project Mindful Ventures is mandated to provide consultancy for ‘Destination Marketing & Promotion’ by IBI Group India Pvt. Ltd, as part of the Ministry of Tourism’s Swadesh Darshan project. Our founder Mihir Gajrawala, serves as consultant on this project and travels across destinations to craft a unique narrative for each destination. Our job is to harness research, cultural understanding, and cutting-edge marketing strategies to uniquely position and promote various travel destinations across three Indian states.

By immersing ourselves in the heritage of each location, we identify and enhance its unique selling propositions, crafting a distinct positioning strategy. These insights guide our sophisticated digital marketing and web tactics, culminating in a comprehensive plan designed to augment tourism yield.

Our concerted efforts focus on increasing visibility, attracting more visitors, and bolstering the local economy, all while showcasing the rich cultural diversity of India. This is an ongoing project, which will continue for a long duration, and we are committed for its impactful fruition.

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