Institutional Branding and Content Development


At Studio Mindful, we we were entrusted for developing the complete branding for RCDI, a design and innovation institute dedicated to young children. Our tasks included crafting the logo, developing the tagline, and designing the stationery and prospectus, all tailored to resonate with a youthful and imaginative audience.

The logo we created for RCDI is both playful and professional, symbolising the institute’s commitment to fostering creativity and innovation among young learners. The tagline “Think. Create. Inspire.” perfectly encapsulates the institute’s ethos, encouraging children to think critically, create freely, and inspire others.

For RCDI’s stationery and literature, including prospectuses and course brochures, we employed vibrant patterns and color gradations. This approach not only adds visual appeal but also establishes a unique and recognisable identity for each educational module. The design cleverly balances strength with a fresh, new-age vibe, positioning RCDI as a prominent yet approachable institution that engages young minds.

Our comprehensive branding strategy for RCDI ensures that every piece of communication reflects the institute’s mission to nurture young creators and innovators. Through thoughtful design and content, we have helped RCDI project an image that is educational, inspiring, and appealing to both children and their parents.

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